Spotify failed to migrate some of your data - more complete solution


Spotify failed to migrate some of your data - more complete solution


This is to address the solution found in this thread:

This is currently the top Google result for the bug some people have experienced with the desktop version of Spotify, and how it interacts with the Windows Store version. Basically, if you have this bug, you'll know it - every time you try to start the desktop version of Spotify, that notification will pop up. It will also cause Spotify to launch every time you attempt to uninstall it. It is really, really annoying, and the solution proposed is valid - but only if you have only installed or logged into Spotify on one Windows user account.

If, for whatever reason, you have logged into Spotify as another user on the same computer using the Windows Store version - this part is important - then you'll likely get this bug, and the proposed solution will never work for you.

However, the following solution will.

1. Follow steps 1-5 in the link above. Do NOT attempt to re-install the desktop version of Spotify yet. If you do, you will have to start the WHOLE PROCESS OVER AGAIN.

2. Log out completely from your current user account. Probably best just to do a complete restart.

3. Log in to the other user account you used to sign in to Spotify. Repeat steps 1-5 of the linked solution as needed (you will probably only have the Spotify folder found in {user}\.appdata\local\packages if you have done step 1 correctly; if for whatever reason you also installed both the Windows Store and the desktop version on your other account, you may have more folders to delete. You will also have to edit the registry as detailed in step 5 of the linked solution.

4. Repeat this process for EVERY FRIGGING USER ACCOUNT ON YOUR PC just to be certain, because if at ANY POINT you attempt to install desktop Spotify on ANY account, the bug WILL RE-OCCUR, and you will have to start AAAAALLLLL OVER AGAIN.

5. Now, once you have DEFINITELY, 100% uninstalled the WINDOWS STORE version of Spotify from EVERY GOD-**bleep** USER ACCOUNT ON YOUR ENTIRE PC, and every remaining TRACE of the folders and registry entries has been NUKED FROM ORBIT LIKE SOME SORT OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL PLAGUE, then you can go ahead and re-install Spotify for desktop.

6. Promptly post an angry message on the community message board confirming how awful this experience is and how poorly-designed and implemented the desktop and Windows Store version interaction is, and how intrusive and unnecessary the ENTIRE CONCEPT OF THE WINDOWS APP STORE IS FOR DESKTOP USERS.

7. Consume whichever substance helps to take away the pain.

So there you have it. This is probably the most definitive solution to a bug that has existed for well over a year now, in the specific instance where signing in on multiple user accounts on the same Windows 10 PC managed to break Spotify so badly that even the developers have no clue how to fix it. I suppose I could deliberately go ahead and try to break Spotify again to recreate this bug and document it, but frankly, now that it's fixed, I intend to keep it that way. Ball's in your court, Spotify.

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Re: Spotify failed to migrate some of your data - more complete solution


just wanna say thank you for posting this and I might've done step 7 too early but it still worked out.