Spotify freezing with ADS

Spotify freezing with ADS


Everytime I approach an advertisement (one of the official spotify ones] it doesn't load and then I have to relaunch spotify to listen to my music

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I am experiencing the same problem with Windows 10.  It just started recently.


Major issue for me today. Freezing on the Spotify official ads.


Same problem here. Windows 10 version. Freezes on ads every time now. 


I'm having this problem also.


More. Totally freezes when an ad comes up. At the moment I got it to go through a 30 second ad which appeared to play but it was silent. It then locked up at the end of the ad. The ad won't clear so the next song can come on. Shut down and restart  it works until it's time for another ad.


The same thing happens here and it's always for an allstate ad. 


Ditto on Windows 8.1. Just started recently. 


Same here - Windows 7, experiencing with Allstate ad.



I have the same issue. Any fixes/workaround?



Me too. Ads freeze Spotify and unless I click pause - play, the app will remain frozen. Sometimes I have to quit and restart the app. It would be nice if Spotify could fix this. I'm running High Sierra on an Macbookair. So this is not limited to PC or Mac. 


Hey all,


Thanks for letting us know about this! That's not cool, so let's try some more troubleshooting steps. 


Can you tell us what happens after you try these:


  1. A clean reinstall (more effective than a quick reinstall). We strongly recommend you to do it as a first step.
  2. Playing Spotify in Web Player or on a different device.
  3. Check if the PC drivers are updated.
  4. Try running Spotify in Safe Mode. 
  5. Check the Firewall settings.
  6. Try a different network.
  7. Check your host files.

If these don't work, confirm all the steps you've tried so far and let us know your Spotify version.


​​​​​​​Keep us posted! 

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