The Never Truly Fixed Spotify Crash Ads


The Never Truly Fixed Spotify Crash Ads


Spotify: Windows 10 64 bit, Free version


Spotify crashes and stops working when ads play. This problem has been happening to me for several years, since 2015, and it has finally gotten to the point where I'm willing to make an account on here and complain about it. As of now the only fix that works has been to close the application and restart it.


This has happened over several itterations of windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and several computers, a dell laptop, an acer laptop, 2 different custom built rigs with 3 different motherboards between them and currently on a fresh installation of windows 10 with no imported data (lost the bootloader and ruined partitions) so I do not want to be told to just reinstall the application either a complete reinstall or a general one because clearly that does not solve the problem. Changing settings such as turning off hardware acceleration hasn't worked in the past and still doesn't. Clearing the temporary cache spotify uses for downloading the ads and especially the video ads doesn't work, etc... This is an issue that has persisted over years and has effected myself and a multitude of other users and clearly has never been fixed and is probably caused by the program or company itself.


Will someone from the company please give me a real and not BS just reinstall fix or at least admit that the issue purposefully hasn't been fixed to entice people to buy premium because that's the point I'm at with this.

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Hey there @Duhwolf,


Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you've been experiencing this for a long time. Let's try some more troubleshooting steps. 


Can you tell us what happens after you try these:


  1. A clean reinstall (it's necessary to begin with this before jumping to the other steps).
  2. Playing Spotify in Web Player or on a different device.
  3. Check if the PC drivers are updated.
  4. Try running Spotify in Safe Mode. 
  5. Check the Firewall settings.
  6. Try a different network.
  7. Check your host files.

If these don't work, confirm all of the steps you've tried so far and let us know your Spotify version.


​​​​​​​Keep us posted! 

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