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Spotify immediately shuts down

Spotify immediately shuts down

Spotfiy keeps crashing, just after I launch the program.

Operating system: windows 8.1, 64-bits

spotifuggle version:

I already did a clean reinstallation of Spotify and then rebooted my computer.

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Hi there!


Did you follow the complete steps for a clean reinstallation?


Are you seeing any error messages when the app crashes? 


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Yeah I followed all steps and did it several times. Also no error messages, Spotify starts up, and after 5-10 seconds it shuts down..

Thanks for confirming.


I've taken a look at your account and everything seems okay, so this is odd.


Are you able to access without any issues?


If you have enough time when Spotify opens, try heading to the Preferences and un-checking 'Hardware Acceleration'.


If you're still having trouble after this, get in contact here and the team will help out via email. 


If you get an auto-response just reply straight back to it, or let me know the Case # you get.



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Here's what I got that you can try : 


Make sure that any firewalls or antivirus programs you have installed are not blocking Spotify. If you find that one is then unblock Spotify and reboot computer. If not or if you are still having same problem, proceed to next step.


Change Programs on Startup

1. Start Task Manager

Via the taskbar. Right-click an empty area of the taskbar and choose Task Manager from the pop-up menu that appears.

Via the new power user menu. Open the power user menu—WINKEY + X, or move the mouse cursor into the lower left corner of the screen and right-click—and choose Task Manager from the list of options.

Via Start search. Tap WINKEY, type task and then hit Enter.

By default Task Manager runs in a new compact mode.

2. To expand the display and find the startup application management functionality, select More details.

3. Then, select the Startup tab. This view shows all of the applications that are configured to run when the system boots.

4. Enable anything related to Spotify (I'm not sure how it looks on your side). They might be listed as :



5. Hit Apply. (If there is one)

6. Reboot Computer

7. Restart Spotify.


Booting Spotify Offline And Minimizing Memory

1. Turn off your internet connection

2. Start spotify

3. Put it in offline mode

4. Uncheck all local files and hardware acceleration.

5. Turn on your internet connection

6. Put spotify online again


If that doesn’t work try reinstalling Spotify with CCleaner

1. Download and install CCleaner —

2. On CCleaner go to Tools tab.

3. Click Uninstall on Spotify

4. Click the Registry tab then scan for issues then fix selected issues

5. (Optional) You can use the cleaner tab to delete unnecessary files. Make sure you look at what is checked just in case.

--- Instead you could just install Spotify from the default Windows program, but I like CCleaner. It's up to you. ---

6. Reboot computer.

7.  Download and install Spotify



Hope that helps! 🙂



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im having the same problem on my MAC

@rbelleci - Have you tried a clean reinstallation including removing both specified folders? 

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So I've tried 'Booting Spotify Offline And Minimizing Memory', and that worked one time, but after that the same problem was there again. Also deleted spotify with CCleaner and used the fix register tool but that too didn't work out. This is so weird.. And really anoying.

i have the same problem, shuts down on my laptop (not on my tablet or phone). Already did clean reinstall...

Using a macbook, @isabellej ? Which operating system?

I followed your guide for COMPLETE reinstall, did it, but still have the same crushing/shutting down problem!! Please FIX IT! 

**bleep** YOU SPOTIFY


My app does not work on my computer and work computer. The web version is not that good if you want to use playlists. PLEASE PLEASE do something guys, I am considering switching to Deezer because of that.

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