Spotify inconsistent response time (solved)

Spotify inconsistent response time (solved)

I am getting inconsistent response times from Spotify on Windows 10.  I have a very fast SSD m.2 computer on a fast internet connection, so I usually get reasonable responses from internet apps, and yet Spotify sometimes does not respond at all, or responds very slowly.  As a result (I am a new user), I am finding it very hard to learn how to use Spotify.


For example, I thought that moving a track in the queue be dragging it was not working, because it did not respond when I tried to move a track to a new location - even though the new location was highlighted.  But when I kept trying different moves, all of a sudden it would work - then it would stop again.  Very hard to tell whether what I was trying to do worked in Spotify or not.  The longer I have worked with it, the more confused I got.


I thought the volume control was not working because the volume did not change;

I thought that adding an album to the queue was not working because the album did not get added to the queue;

 I thought that moving a track in the queue was not working (By the way, I couldn't find anything about it in the Spotify Help.)


Is this a typical problem with the Windows Spotify app or am I doing something wrong?


Update 2 hours later - Turns out that this issue only happens when I have Spotify connected (:listening to") to a third party Beta source.  I didn't experience it when not connected to my local PC.

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