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Spotify is not download my playlist.

Spotify is not download my playlist.







(Samsung Galaxy 8, )

Operating System

(Android 8.0, Windows 7 PC)


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 well. I created new playlist and when I clicked download its stuck ib "downloading 0%"

after few minutes its stopping.. and the weirdest is few downloaded after few times I try to download them. its kind annoying. I checked my network everything looks fine, my firewall is always close but I have an router and modem one by one. (router only and modem that connected to the wall) someone idea? thnx 😉

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Hey @shlomo1997


I'd suggest reinstalling your Spotify client, maybe it just needs a little refresh. 🙂

Then you can try redownloading that playlist to see if it works then.

Follow this article on how to reinstall!

Also, make sure to restart your PC before redownloading Spotify!


Let me know how you get on!

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