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Spotify keeps pausing and says "Can't play current song"

Spotify keeps pausing and says "Can't play current song"




United Kingdom



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Windows 10 64 Bit


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I recently re-installed Windows 10, and ever since then, Spotify will randomly pause, and sometimes resume when playing music back. All of my devices have the exact same drivers as before and nothing else has changed. I have tried the app from the website and the store, same issue. I tried disabling hardware acceleration, no effect.

Sometimes it'll be fine for hours and then just start doing it. It only happens on this device. Is there anywhere I can grab a log file to see what caused the music to stop? I'm a software engineer so pretty happy to help diagnose my issues. Everything else works on the machine correctly. Super infuriating!

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Hey @CyberChr1s 


I recommend running through the steps in this article, just in case. What you're experiencing could mean that someone is triggering pause/playback, so better safe than sorry.
You should also check your list of apps linked to your Spotify account. Revoke access for things you don't need or recognise. 🙂


For log files, this would create a log file:

%AppData%\Spotify\Spotify.exe --log-file=C:\Users\YourUsernameHere\Desktop\Spotify.log

If you have installed Spotify from Microsoft Store, you will have to search for correct path to the .exe file. Maybe simply typing "spotify" into Command Prompt will be recognised. I don't know anymore. 🙂

Let me know how you get on!

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