Spotify kills my audio device

Spotify kills my audio device


I'm on Win 10 and my audio device is an M-Audio ProjectMix. I have Spotify premium. My problem is that every time I use Spotify I get to play about one playlist then when I try to play another playlist my audio device has died. The only way to revive my audio device is to reboot the computer. This is really hampering my enjoyment of Spotify on my PC and I have used Spotify pretty much since it launched.


So, here's the thing, I use my audio device for producing music. It's very reliable. It also gets used for general stuff such as listening to music, youtube etc. It simply never has an issue - until I use Spotify. It's an external audio device with a power button on the back. Occasionally I power cycle it and it comes back online and is immediately working again, but with this issue with Spotify, even power cycling the audio device won't bring it back to life. I'm not sure what it is with Spotify that is different from the rest of Windows and all the sound and music apps I use, but this issue only happens with Spotify. Spotify doesn't have any audio device settings in the preferences so there's nothing I can do there.


I would really like help with this issue because I do a lot of programming and like to listen to music while I work. But having to reboot because Spotify has killed my audio device is a right pain as I run virtual servers, IDE etc on this machine that all have to be shut down before reboot, and of course there is the distraction factor and time wasting factor of having to reboot while I am working and trying to concentrate.  So does anyone have any ideas?

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Hey @35mm


That's a really odd issue!


How long have you been having this issue?

I'd recommend reinstalling both Spotify and the drivers for the interface. See this guide on how to reinstall Spotify.
Also, check Windows Update for any updates that are not installed yet.

If you have tried some troubleshooting, let me know what have you tried!


I also suggest checking the Default Format in the Windows audio settings:

1. Click on the speaker icon on Taskbar, click on the device / speaker icon on the opened volume bar.
2. Go to Advanced tab which shows the Default Format.

Make sure it matches the one set within the interface settings.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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