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Spotify leaks memory and crashes whilst processing Local Files

Spotify leaks memory and crashes whilst processing Local Files

I am attempting to transfer my Local Files library from a MacBook Air to a Lenovo Legion Y540 running Windows 10. However, regardless of the path specified, be it the default "Music Library" or the "Local Files" folder I created, the application hangs and crashes if too many files are in the folder at once before being processed.


Upon putting more than say 7 folders in the specified path at a time and flicking the switch on that location under Settings > Local Files, Spotify will identify some 200 tracks before grinding to a halt, at which point Task Manager shows that "Spotify (32 Bit)" is continually using up more and more RAM (up to around 3.5 - 4GB) before suddenly closing.


This doesn't seem to be a straight incompatibility issue either: if I place my music in the folder a few hundred songs at a time and wait for them to appear in Spotify, it eventually finds all of them. This is extremely tedious as I have a library of some 5000 tracks and a playlist full of 1600 tracks that are almost all local files.


What's especially frustrating is that even after painstakingly waiting and placing folders one by one, Spotify still fails to recognise some of the tracks and link them to the songs in my playlist. And where I could toggle the file location on Mac to refresh the library, if I do that on the Windows version it just starts crashing all over again.


I have reinstalled, restarted and redownloaded multiple times without fixing the issue. Please help/update!


Update: Closing Spotify before it can crash and reopening it causes files to suddenly appear and memory leakage to stop, but this is still tedious and unacceptable performance for such a popular application.


Update 2: Upon further investigation I've determined that the issue only occurs if the Local Files page in Spotify has been visited at least once whilst the app is scanning. The issue must be due to the software trying to draw the local files as they're constantly changing. Or something. I don't know your software.


Thank you

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Same here. New user/reviewer. Windows 10 Desktop freezes then crashes while scanning local files/NAS hosted files. Sometimes it gets about 300 files scanned, sometime over a thousand but always crashes and loses the scan data. This problem seems to be a long running problem.

Should I just not try to use my library? And recommend same to others?

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