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Spotify logs me out and deletes my playlists

Spotify logs me out and deletes my playlists

Hi, I have spotify premium and I leave spotify playing when I sleep. Lately I've been waking up to find there's no music playing, and when I pull spotify open I'm logged out with an error message (not 100% sure on the number as I'm usually very groggy when this happens, but I know it's a three digit number starting with a 1.) Once I log back in I find that all of my playlists have been deleted, and I have no song history, as if I've never played spotify before. I then have to go and recover every single playlist. This happens even if the playlists are in folders.

Can someone please tell me what's going on? I love spotify and I really don't want this to keep happening because it's ruining my experience.

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Edit: Error code is 127. It did it again.

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