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Spotify loses connection after waking computer from sleep

Spotify loses connection after waking computer from sleep

Looks like there is a bug in version Frequently, Spotify fails to reconnect with the internet after I wake my computer from sleep (Windows 10).


Repro steps:

  • Open Spotify and play music
  • Shut or "lock" laptop
  • Open and/or log back into laptop
  • BUG - Spotify says: Can't play song and no music is heard, even though I have internet connection, other apps are working, and the song progress bar is moving


  • Advancing the song, choosing other playlists, or hitting pause/play does not resolve the issue
  • Spotify must be closed and restarted in order to resolve the issue
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I got the same probkem since a few days. Worked perfect before. Any other solutions, than closing the app?



Same problem here. Odd.

Hey folks,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 


This sounds like a case where some of the apps files have gotten corrupted and are causing these connectivity issues. No worries, this can usually be remedied by performing a clean reinstall, so that all the necessary app data gets built anew from the ground up. To do this follow the steps here.


If that doesn't fix things, it's a good idea to also have a look at your hosts file for Spotify entries. This page explains how you can do the check. 


Hope you find this useful. Let us know how you get on.

Mihail Moderator
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For me, it is an audio device problem - if Spotify tries to request an output device that is busy (some other application could have gotten exclusive access to it) it says it has no internet connection (like: huh?).

This might not be a problem that occurs often for most people, but I use some tools that do capture audio devices this way.

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