Spotify makes windows crash

Spotify makes windows crash



For the past months I've had this issue appear randomly (sometimes more often, sometimes it's very rare): I'm listening to spotify and suddenly my song stops playing (no sounds) but the bar keeps going as if the song is still playing but on mute. Pausing or skipping doesn't work and if I click around a few times (even if I click on another window while spotify is in the background) everything freezes for a couple of seconds and I get a Windows not responding error (as in the actual Windows isn't responding).


Would anyone know how to solve this? I'm using Windows 10 and this issue has appeared for the past 4-5 months at least (not sure if not longer)

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Hey there @vassil_atn,

sorry to hear you're having this issue.


What i suggest is using this help guide on how to install a clean version of Spotify without leaving any traces behind on your system.

If this does not help, you might want to check if you Win system devices are all up to date.

I'd check the graphics and audio drivers and the win update features.


Let me know how you did 😃

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