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Spotify not updating song info/artwork when using Spotify Connect

Spotify not updating song info/artwork when using Spotify Connect

I am running the Windows 10 Spotify app on my PC and am listening to Spotify on my Amazon Echo Dot using Spotify connect.  This lets me listen to it while controlling the music from my PC.


I can listen to music fine, along with skipping tracks back and forth fine.  I can control the Volume of my Echo Dot through the Spotify App volume slider also.  No problem there also.


The issue I am having is when the Spotify App on my PC is playing the music on my Echo Dot through Spotify connect, the song title, artist and artwork no longer displays (or does not update) on the Windows 10 UI at the top of the screen (in the Volume-UI area).  (This is the window that pops up for a few seconds when you adjust the volume, etc.)


If I change Spotify connect to play on my PC, the artwork then it updates like it should.  When I set Spotify Connect back to my Echo Dot, the music info/artwork does not update and shows the same info as the last song. 


If I restart the PC and bring up Spotify again.  The info and artwork area stays blank again (when playing on my Echo Dot through Spotify Connect) and just says "spotify.exe".


Both devices are running on the same Wi-Fi network with only one router, no other access points.


I have power cycled the Echo Dot.  Same thing, no update of song info.







PC (Laptop) Acer Aspire R7

Operating System

Windows 10 Home 1903 (18362.239)



2019-07-25 (3).png
2019-07-25 (2).png
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I'm having the same issue and to be honest, it's pretty annoying. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well as trying the UWP version of the app and the behavior is the same. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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