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Spotify opening automatically when I log in


Spotify opening automatically when I log in

My spotify updated last week and it now opens automatically when I log into Windows.  When I open my preferences, the box for "Open Spotify Automatically..." is check for "No" but it does it anyways.  Seems to be a glitch in the update.

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Mine too. I just wrote a post about it. Windows 10. Check your startup list in the task manager. I did, and Spotify is now there. I had never put Spotify in my startup folder manually, and like you my preference is set to "never open on login" in the Spotify options. They've definitely done something to add Spotify to your startup folder with a recent update, and I would not be surprised if it's some sneaky underhand way to encourage Spotify activity. Let's face it, you don't configure a program to worm its way into someone's startup folder by accident. 

I'm having the same issue.  Please fix asap.

I'm having the same issue.


Setting is no, but it still starts up.Setting is no, but it still starts up.

Really very bad of Spotify to do this. It's a very spammy move indeed. 

I am having the same problem. It's quite annoying, especially since my computer is already slow upon startup without Spotify


If Spotify is going to want to update seemingly every other day, it would be nice if they include a fix for this in the next one.

No longer working.  See screen shot above.

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