Spotify pauses on its own

Spotify pauses on its own

Hi everyone !

So I use Spotify on windows 7, i'm using the last version. (My brother's pc is on windows 10, he have the same problem). I use it when I play video games.

In the case of listening music and playing at the same time, after ~5 songs, the music pauses without me asking. If i'm not playing, the music doesn't interrupt itself ... 

I was thinking about an internet connection problem ... But I'm using the WiFi, and my brother use a cable so ... I'm sceptical ... Can someone help me ?


Thank you 🙂


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Hey @PandaKell


Well, it could be connection issue, but I'm partially sceptical about it because... My connection sometimes lags too so badly that Spotify is the only thing online and functional. Loads the next song a little longer, but works. No pausing. 🙂

It does pause, however, when the connection just drops.


If you're using Discord connected to Spotify, try disconnecting Spotify from it or log out of Discord and see if that cured the issue.


It sounds bit more like some setting causing this. I can't really tell. It could be Windows being 'helpful' too, for example there is a Communications setting (under Sound) that decreases or even mutes audio playback when communications process is detected. Sometimes still does it when nothing like this is going on.
Either way it might be useful to check the soundcard settings.
Try disabling hardware acceleration (Spotify - View).


Out of interest - if only one of you plays the game, and listens to Spotify at the same time, will this happen?

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