Spotify plays in low quality even though it's set to high

Spotify plays in low quality even though it's set to high







Operating System

Windows 10


My Issue

I have really bad internet connection and I've set the streaming quality to High because I'd rather have the music pause to buffer than play in really low quality. And even though I did that it still sometimes plays in the lowest quality and it's infuriating. I tried setting it to automatic and then back to high, resetting Spotify etc. I also have the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.

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Hey there @marrox013,

Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Wen you have a poor internet connection which is not consistent or very slow, the app will try to load songs with lower quality after a period of time even if it's set to High.'


What we'd suggest is clicking Download on any playlist/albums you like. After that switch on Offline Mode and enjoy your downloaded songs without interruption. It might take some time for the songs to download, but it would provide a better experience in regions with poor connectivity.


Hope you find this info helpful. 

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