Spotify rarely working

Spotify rarely working




I've Googled this problem a few times, trying each solution people have put forward.


Changing password/enabling hardware acceleration


Still, I cannot seem to get Spotify to work. Before I upgraded to Premium, it worked fine. Songs would buffer pretty much instantly, rarely any breaks in a songs buffering. Then, as soon as I upgraded to Premium, I literally get 2/3 songs out per day and then I'm bombared with connection error messages.

My partner has my Spotify on her phone, she sometimes uses it, so I tried disconnecting it from her phone, no luck.


I did see a post, suggesting disconnecting my account from Facebook, but as I created the account with my Facebook I have no choice but to delete this account, and set up another. Which is fine, but I'd have to re-pay for Premium. Or wait this month out, then before paying for another, set my new account up. Which is all fine and dandy, but I'm not really pleased that I've had to pay £10 for 2/3 songs per day, and then told to wait it out.

Does anybody know if there is a way to x-fer remaining days credit from one account to another?


As for the internet connection I use Spotify on, it's 60mb Virgin Broadband and I've tried it at a friends house with Sky Broadband. Problem persists.




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Hi. Have you tried the suggestions in thee connection troubleshooting post? Virgin throttle P2P connections which spotify uses to stream music so you could try their support desk to see if they can do something about this. As a temporary fix, you could try changing the streaming quality setting in spotify's options or make your loved music available offline so it doesn't need to stream.

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