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Spotify resumes playing after being paused

Spotify resumes playing after being paused






Lenovo Carbon X1 (2019) , Win 10, 

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Windows 10


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Just got my new Lenovo laptop Carbon X1. Updated all dirvers + Windows update, installed Chrome, installed Spootify. 

When playing music with Spotify and clicking pause it will resume playing music by itself after a couple of seconds. At first I thought that this might be a browers issue, but after testing with just starting Spotify(no browser started) and pausing it resumes playing after a couple of seconds. 

Tried to reinstall Spotify 2019-07-12, still no luck, same behavior.  Installed Wireshark to record the packets sent by the Spotify app to servers. 

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After some additional error searching new theory is that it might be connected to Lenovos ouput handling of sound.  The problem only occurs when using headphones. At first I thought it might be my Bose35Q headphone that might have a cable that "glitched",  but after testing with other headphones connected with the 3,5 mm plug the same issue remained. 

So current theory is that is connected to Lenovo's soud output? Maybe the drivers for sound? 


Did some additional testing this time with other headphones connected via USB. No problem at all, so it seems related to the 3,5 mm sound output. 

I will do some additinonal testing with bluetooth as well to confirm, that it's only related to Lenovos 3,5 mm sound output.


Problem has now been resolved! It seems like the 3,5 mm output in Lenovos computer is handled in a badway by the driver Realtek High Definition Audio version,, so after a "rollback" to earlier driver version everything works again! 🙂

The driver version I got after rollback is Realtek High Definition Audio,(2018-08-10), yours might be different. 

Most likely you could manually uninstall the driver and download a correct direr and install that instead, but since I had the rollback option I used that one instead. 😉

I'll post pictures on where in the "Device Manage" you will need to do changes.



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