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Spotify sound dimming when other apps have sound

Spotify sound dimming when other apps have sound

I just noticed this recently with the latest update to Spotify where if a popup notication shows up (with a sound from Windows), or I'm playing a video game, Spotify fades to much lower volume until the sound from the other sounding app stops.


Is there any way to disable this?

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Try heading over to the Control Panel, clicking on Sound and then selecting the Communications tab. Here, select "Do Nothing" and apply. This might stop Spotify fading when using other applications.
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not working, still that problem

I have the same issue. It's a real pain when speaking to several people on skype, every time someone speaks to me, spotify mutes for about a second.

I have the same issue. =/

I agree - very annoying.


Here's the situation...


1. My favourite music is playing

2. A windows popup makes a annoying 'beep'


Which one would I prefer to listen to? Duh.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem yet? It seems like it's going to be something so simple, a setting within Windows or Spotify itself. Either that or it's a bug, and it should have been fixed by now, right? I personally have the most problem when playing a game like KSP, where every time I select a part and place it Spotify dims for 3 - 5 seconds. It's very frustrating given that KSP is the sort of game where there are large portions of time spent building (or floating through space) and the ingame music becomes quite repetative, so having Spotify playing in the background is preferable. Constantly having it dim for a few seconds at a time though, becomes extremely frustrating. 

For me the solution was to turn off sound enhancment in dolby sound software

I had to turn off the 'exclusive control' feature for apps in speaker properties

My music just pauses altogether when even theres a soundeffect or something

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