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Spotify stops playing songs

Spotify stops playing songs

Spotify on Windows 7. Desktop. After a reinstall and cache delete It works for a few tracks. Music stops and I get the black disk issue. I have: Reinstalled Uninstalled and Installed Hosts File edited and its all fine and in-line. Deleted cache Delete user-profile Turned on and off hardware accel I have no local files No links to 3rd party things, or apps, or Facebook Crossfade off and and 0.1 Friend sharing off, and on. Privacy cookies on and off. The only quick solution I've found is deleting my folder of my user-profile in app data which makes it start working. C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Spotify\Users\-user It loads fine for a few songs after this, then bam. Stops. I subbed to premium at xmas and I think I'm gonna cancel cause this is just a poor show.
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ofc formatting is stripped. Is this even support or just do-gooders helping us?

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