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only 160 kbps with premium subscripton

only 160 kbps with premium subscripton

Plan Premium

Country Netherlands
Device pc desktop and web app

Operating System Windows 10


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On 1 February I signed up for a premium Spotify subscription.

According to the info on the Spotify website I should be able to stream in 320 kbps. However, when I check the bitstream it turns out to be only 160 kbps. That is the standard quality of the free version of Spotify.

The settings are all correct, so that is not causing this.

In the past few weeks I have extensively corresponded with Spotify's customer service. They were very helpful and they gave me many possible solutions. Unfortunately, none of them turned out to work.

I'm curious whether other users have experienced the same issue and what they have done to solve this problem.

Many thanks for the assistance!

Kind regards,


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