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Spotify stops playing when playing games

Spotify stops playing when playing games






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Windows 7


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My issue is that suddenly 2 days ago spotify decided to stop playing a few seconds after i hit play when i play a game.

Example: I start the game, open spotify, start playing the song and then whether i stay focused on spotify or on the game or anywhere else,  the music will stop playing a few seconds later. like 10-30 seconds later.

I tried reinstalling it and nothing changed. Is there a solution for this pls? 


I just now closed the game and it still happens. Yesterday it didnt happen when i closed the game. Now exactly 30 seconds after i hit play it stops. Pls help?


Edit: Also it looks like it always stops every 30 seconds and if i keep playing the song again and again after it pauses, the pause can occure on the next song. For xample if a song lasts 2:25 and i keep unpausing every time it pauses, the next song will pause on 5th second.

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I think it is fixed by making it a private session somehow. It seems to work now. I have no idea why or how. 

You're a legend thankyou, this helped my problem exactly. I had the same issue, playing a game and spotify pauses within 30 seconds of hitting play. You're a star !

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