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Spotify swithing to saved playlist when listening to "browse" lists

Spotify swithing to saved playlist when listening to "browse" lists

I have spotify (premium account) installed on two desktops( and on my android phone( and im having a wierd glitch. I searched but could not find anyone else having this trouble.


If I am listening on my desktop to say one of the browse or featured lists, or even just a particular artist, it will switch randomly from that list to one of my saved playlists.  The music will stop playing and the spotify controller will show up on my phone without me even opening my phone.  Its pretty anoying.


I dont know if its relevant, but the phone and desktop are occasionally connected to the same network at the same time. If i go into the app on my phone it asks me if I want to control the desktop or play here.


Is this a known problem and if so what is the fix?

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I have the same problem. My android phone and tablet are connected to the same local network as my desktop pc, and when I am using the desktop program, sometimes it stops playing the actual track and loads the last played track/playlist from one of my android devices (and the notification widget appers on that device).


Today I have noticed another thing, it might help reproduce this behavior.

I was listening to music through the desktop app while I was reading on my tablet. The android notification widget was running and working as intended. Then, the spotify icon disappeared from the statusbar (I assume it was closed by the system due to low memory). After a few minutes the widget started again, the desktop app stopped playing music and loaded the track which was played when the widget disappeared.

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