Spotify using excessive Disk IO when playing via Sonos

Spotify using excessive Disk IO when playing via Sonos








Desktop Windows 10 & Sonos speakers

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I've been playing Spotify today via my Sonos speakers..  Thus all the music playing shouldn't be going through my desktop computer, as Sonos connects directly to Spotify.  None the less, I'm seeing ~8.5GB of writes and ~8.5gb of reads to my disk from the various Spotify processes over the past few hours. That's about 1megabyte per second when Spotify isn't playing music locally.  Are you trying to wear out my disks or what? 


I could see a bit of traffic to show album art or something, but 8.5gb x2 is well beyond excessive. (Microsoft Store version)


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Oh, this gets worse.  I left Spotify open over night, not playing anything on it or the Sonos speakers..  Only to find it's Read/Write IO to total more than 10 Gigabytes from yesterday..   Still accumulating at over 1 megabyte per second even though I'm playing nothing.  

What does it take to get noticed on this board? 


Ivan?  You seem to comment on all of the other threads but not mine.. ?

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