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Windows 10: On startup, Spotify starts taking 3.5 GB of RAM, then crashes

Windows 10: On startup, Spotify starts taking 3.5 GB of RAM, then crashes



recently upgraded from Free and never had any problems before





Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I recently upgraded from Spotify free where I never had any problems.


When I upgraded (in December) I marked 2 playlists to be downloaded and at the beginning everything was working fine.

But in the last weeks Spotify completely stopped working on my PC.

When I start Spotify, most of the time it instantly crashes again. But sometimes (very very seldom) it stayed open and I was able to actually use it.

I installed and uninstalled both the Microsoft Store version and the version from the website several times but same problem for both.

I observed in the task manager that when I start Spotify, it starts taking up RAM until about 3.5 GB and then crashes.


How can I fix this?

5 Replies

I have the same exact issue.

Installed Microsoft Store or Desktop version. Both same issue.

Tried --disable-accelerated-fixed-root-background added to the shortcut thinking its due to some hardware acceleration issue. But no fix.

Updated windows and graphics cards.

Tried clean installs by deleting appdata folders, but issue has been happening over the past two weeks.



Open Spotify, RAM spikes, and loads a black window and closes.

Any others having this issue? I've tried all the workarounds and solutions. I think a Windows update or some PC configuration has broken the windows application.

Yes I have the exact same problem! I've uninstalled and re-installed the desktop app multiple times, and see the same RAM-hogging behaviour until Windows (I assume) shuts it down

Found this other thread, looks like the issue with the new version(s) has been happening since a couple of weeks ago. Will follow that thread instead:

Same Issue

Windows 10 1903

Try to run with no Hardware Acceleration via Shortcut command line 

Try to Flush Registry,APPDATA


Web player OK


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