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Spotify window overlaps with Start menu in multi-monitor setup with Windows 10

Spotify window overlaps with Start menu in multi-monitor setup with Windows 10



I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday and I noticed that the Spotify window overlaps with the Windows Start Menu when maximized by moving the window to the top edge of the screen. However, this does not happen when I maximize the window using the "Maximize"-icon in the top right corner of the window or double-click the top window banner.


I have three monitors with different native resolutions in a multi-monitor setup, and it overlaps by an equal amount on all three screens. The effect always occurs when I have 2 or more displays connected to the computer (I did some testing with different combinations). I expect this to not be a problem in Windows 7 since I noticed it so soon after upgrading to Windows 10, but I can't tell for sure. It's a minor OCD-triggering annoyance more than anything, but I hope it gets fixed so it can look smooth even when maximizing using the top edge.


Anyone else experiencing this? I will post my relevant specs for troubleshooting/debug purposes in case it is a system-specific problem:


OS:                           Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit, Build 10586)

Spotify version:

Monitor 1 (main):   ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q @ 1440p, 120Hz, Display Port

Monitor 2:                BenQ G2420HD @ 1080p, 60Hz, DVI

Monitor 3:                Dell E207WFP @1680x1050, 60Hz, DVI

GPU:                        MSI Radeon R9 390

Driver:                     AMD Crimson 16.1 Hotfix

Spotify overlap problem.png
1 Reply

Never got a reply on this, but the problem does not persist anymore.

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