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Spotify won't boot up and only once show's error message.

Spotify won't boot up and only once show's error message.

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Dell Inspiron 17R

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Last night I restarted my laptop due to it being rather slow. It went into auto diagnosing mode and came up with the blue screen saying this device didn't boot correctly. Anyway after doing a system restore it booted up fine but now Spotify won't load. I double tap on the logo in the task bar but I for the majority of the time only get the small loading bar on the mouse cursor and nothing else. I've tried restarting spotify but to no avail. Is there a fix that doesn't require me to delete Spotify which happens to have my 500+ song playlist downloaded. Due to slow/awful internet speeds it would be beyond frustrating to try and reinstall all 550 songs. Any help would be incredibly appreciated. 

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Hey there @ThorDaBeast666,

thanks for posting in the community !


It's possible your PC error damaged installation files or traces.

In this case, before reinstalling, which will solve the issue, i'd recommend using a Registry software to try and locate issues which need fixing.


Let me know how it goes=)

Hey man thanks for the tip! I'll try it out and see how it goes. Do you have any recommendations for some software to use?

Hey there @ThorDaBeast666,


RegCleaner or any other simple software would do the work.


Cheers 😃

Thanks dude! I'll check it out! 

I'm sorry to ask this but I'm not familiar with this sort of software. What am I supposed to do from here once RegCleaner is installed.


Hey there @ThorDaBeast666,


Run the software to scan for issues, then click "Fix Selected Issues".

Create a backup and clean.


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