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Spotify won't open/launch?

Spotify won't open/launch?

I know this seems to be a big deal right now but I can't find a consistent solution online. Does anyone actually know what's going on? (Right now, if i try to open spotify it doesn't do anything. No warning or alert, just nada. In my task manager it starts the Spotify.exe and SpotifyCrashService.exe processes, then the Spotify.exe disappears).  I have a windows 7 (if thats important). I'm tempted to reinstall but I'm just afraid I will lose my playlists (or my manually downloaded songs too). Gotta say, a bit frustrating for a product I pay monthly for

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@Breeduss, if you reinstall the app, it will not delete your playlists. Since they are created on your account, if you delete the app, it won't do anything. You'll just have to log in again after you reinstall the app. You can re-download your playlists easily if you decide to reinstall. I would suggest restarting your computer (because sometimes it's the computer as opposed to the app) and if it still doesn't work, reinstall the app.

Also can not open the program on windows 10. not the first time i have seen spotify to be slow or unresponsive the last years. With my internet provider i get free spotify but i can only cry for all the people who would give money for this product. this is also the reason why legal alternatives are spit upon. 5/7 would go to illegal downloading again.



and do not get me started by even putting a post here on this forums " what the F**

Hi @thorgimli!
I found this thread pretty promising, click here and try the Solution.

Let me know how it goes!



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