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Spotify won't play, multiple devices

Spotify won't play, multiple devices






Windows 10 (multiple systems), Android

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Windows 10 (multiple systems), Android


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As of this morning, I can't use spotify on any device.  If I attempt to listen to a specific song, it doesn't work.  If I attempt to run a playlist, the picture quickly cycles through all of the album covers in my playlist then stops, but doesn't play anything.  It goes through an entire playlist of proably 40 songs in about five seconds, displaying each album cover, then nothing.    It seems to be trying to play every song as if each of them had a run time of 0 seconds.


I tried on two different Windows 10 PCs and on my Galaxy S7 (Android.)  All gave exactly the same result.




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Additonal information:  I just found that this only seems to happen when using Connect.

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