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Spotify won't start at all Win 7

Spotify won't start at all Win 7








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Windows 7


The issue started when i tried updating spotify manual because it always started with the same song which i didn't listen to when i close the application. 

I had V 1.0.94 (something like that) and the new was 1.0.96, everytime i restarted the app after installing it was back to 1.0.94 and i could click to upgrade to 1.0.96 again..

Then i uninstalled spotify and tried to install from the link on homepage, but it didn't start up at all.

Wen't on Google and found a old full install link to a older version ( This start perfectly but ofcourse it updates automatically and after that Spotify won't start up at all.

When i click on it it startes the Spotify.exe process for a brief second and switches over to spotify_install process for a couple of seconds and the just closes and nothing really happens.



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Hello, I have the same problem as my friend. I can not turn on spotify. When I try to update the program, I have a bug "the spotifyinstaller has stopped working". On my phone, spotify works fine.


I tried to install the program with an older installation but then an update appears and the same error appears again


Still same problem, now im using the web player....

There must be more having this problem!

I have similar issues

Been running Spotify (the APP) on WinXP for years with little or no issues, then get messages that Spotify will stop running on XP so upgraded to Win7 now it wont work at all.  either start then shuts down, or screen goes black after a few seconds of song starting.

Tries everything that hass been suggested Hardware acceleration etc etc etc no idea works.  I pay for Premium and this is a farce.  No real fix and as you say, if you wind back to a version that works the auto update ("Just restart Spotify" which of course happens with the next switch on) stuffs it up.

Which browser I'm using is irrelevant as I am using the app!  I can see from some forums that "Black Screen" issues have been around for years but Spotify doesnt seem to want to fix it and all the advice is papering over the cracks and doesnt even work!!

Hey @johnf52, @fred-ftw and @Belianify


The most likely reason is the computer's user profile having special characters inside.

It's possible to bypass it by doing this:

1. Make a folder in the C:\ drive, must be outside Users folder.

2. Download the full installer and place it in that folder.

3. Run it. You can also try running it with administrator rights.


The issue around Spotify not updating/installing correctly is currently being investigated. I recommend keeping your eyes on this Issue thread, you may also find some useful workarounds in there.


XP was a nice platform, but unfortunately all tech keeps upgrading.


Have a nice day! 🙂

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