Still can't play local files on my phone

Still can't play local files on my phone


I can't play any local files from my laptop on my phone and I've tried everything. The local files do appear on my phone but they are greyed out even if I have them downloaded. I've toggled local files on in both my laptop and phone, I made sure that they are on the same network and that the network is private, I allowed Spotify to bypass through Windows Firewall, all the local files that I'm trying to sync to my phone are mp3, I went to settings on iOS and allowed Spotify to access local networks, I even tried to do everything on a mobile hotspot and it still won't let me play music. Like I said I can see the songs that I synced if I add them to a playlist and they play perfectly fine on my laptop but when it comes to my phone it is just greyed out and says "Song not Downloaded if you own the song, you can sync it from your computer." If anyone could help I would highly appreciate it this has had me stressed for like the past 2 hours lol.  






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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Hi @cruant!


Here's how I got my local files to work on my android phone:

  1. I went to Settings > Apps > Spotify and cleared the apps cache and data.
  2. I then rebooted my device and I logged back in to Spotify and was able to download a playlist with local files from my PC to my phone.

You can also try adding a new source for local files on your PC, and adding them to a new playlist, then downloading it both on your PC and your mobile devices to see if that'll make a difference.


Let us know how it goes. Cheers!

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