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Stop Spotify Auto-Updating

Stop Spotify Auto-Updating

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Hey Spotify – you’ve done it again.  Why do you keep changing program functionality, particularly of older versions?  We went through this a year or so ago.  I understand updating, modifying, improving, changing, etc. but ONLY for the next version.  Leave the old stuff alone.


I am running Spotify on a Win7 laptop only.  Originally I was using v – it worked great and loved it.  BUT, then you removed the Discover option from Browse.  So I switched to v1.0.7.57, however that also began to act up so I switch to v1.0.42.159 which I’ve been running for over a year – until now.  Again, you went and removed the Discover option – WHY?  So now I’m trying v1.0.44.100 which I’ve got working but not what I want.  However, Spotify keeps updating to the latest version which I do not want.  Is there a way to stop the updates, particularly for older versions as noted?


Here’s why I like the older versions.  We run Spotify at our band rehearsal.  There are a few reasons I don’t want to use a more/most recent version.  One is because I don’t like the “song progress bar” centered on the bottom of the screen.  I like it along the bottom as in older versions.  I also like the “next song” arrow/tab on the bottom left not over the song progress bar.  It just works better for what we do.


Thirdly (and this really bothers me) – for versions that do provide Discovery, you have changed the look and feel of it.  The album covers are larger.  In the past I could set Spotify so when I click the right scroll bar up or down, two (and exactly two) suggestion rows would advance.  Now it progresses some odd amount.  Therefore, each time I click the scroll bar, the selections advance with one row appearing cut off (i.e., only displaying a portion of the row).  I have tried adjusting the View>Zoom property but no luck.  This worked perfectly before you made the album size adjustment.


Again, why are you doing this?  It is very annoying.  Please stop making the frivolous and bothersome changes. 



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