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Stopping Auto update


Stopping Auto update







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I'm wondering how to stop Spotify from auto updating. I got a file to install older version of software since I didn't like the June update, and It auto updated when I restarted my PC.

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which commands exactly?





I expect it would also work to simply delete the "%LocalAppData%\Spotify\Update" folder, if it exists, and then create an empty text file named "Update" in "%LocalAppData%\Spotify".


Unless the application is clever enough to tell what is going on (and I seriously doubt that it is), this will prevent a same-named (i.e. "%LocalAppData%\Spotify\Update") folder from being created at all. And no need to mess with commands or file system permissions.


I should have been a non-**bleep** and tried my own advice before posting. To my surprise, the 0-byte "Update" file gets blown away as soon as the app starts. Sorry.

use rmdir command.

I'm a Spotify paying subscriber.
I write in disappointment to find that all the liked green ticks have now disappeared as a result of the recent upgrade.
As a subscriber and for my use I rely on these ticks to organise my listening.
Very very disappointment that this has been included with Spotify's recent upgrade.
This hinders my use of Spotify.
Please explain the significance the resign behind this decision.
My email:**bleep**
Many thanks!!!
Jerome Marcus

Yes, terrible the way that Spotify has blocked us from using the Spotify players that actually work-- Terrible.

what actual version did you update to?
glad i've not done it yet...

It used to be a great platform now they are constantly forcing their algorithms on us so we see the type of music and podcasts that will make them the most cash. I usually have my Task Manager open and 'End task' when i now an update in imminent.

Has anyone figured out how to get back one of the Spotify players with autoUpdate_Blocked that used to allow us to get a fast Excel listing of Artist, TrackName, and https://... for every track in every playlist under a folder?  Any progress here?  Thanks,

I trie3s a lot of the suggestions without success. WEnt to Spotify web site, found version 8.1 downloaded - works, no failed ....dll message

okay i did this, but now i want to turn it back to normal.. what do i do. 


to put the permissions back to default enter:
icacls "%localappdata%\Spotify\Update" /reset /T




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