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I'm wondering how to stop Spotify from auto updating. I got a file to install older version of software since I didn't like the June update, and It auto updated when I restarted my PC.

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I begin to be really tired to not be able to stop an update in the windows application.

almost at least a few days by week.

For years, I have been trying to figure out hot to stop updates. 

because of my workload and my configuration, I can't do it again or at less spend my precious time trying to solve a nonsense 'dont wanna change bad lead or developper behaviour'.


As i only see the same answer all the time.. I guess I will be another unhappy customer leaving the Spotify community. ( I mean customer, and yes just because of that )

If you think check and download an update is strictly necessary then sorry you need to go back to programming school.

a solution with an script is as mess as the quality of the code behind..

So as for my last request, if you will not propose and option to disable update on the windows app then, don't try to catch me.

That's the kind of details that give you an overview of an organisation.. ( the ones that to change need to fire devs )

try changing 'rm' to 'rmdir' or 'del' and see if that fixes the problem

Bro. Could you please provide you version of spotify windows link? I reallly need this one. If you have the full offline installer not the spotify installer client.

Dude honestly this was so smart. I would have just deleted the folder and went on with updates still **bleep**

damn it. The spotify devs disable this! **bleep** **bleep**. HOw can I revert this new Garbage UI. I want to switch to APPLE

Hello, how to re-enable the auto update using those commands?

please check my answer on exact this question from 11.04.2021 11:22 AM on
page 1 of this threat
regards, hans

Has anyone found a way to stop this intrusive update to the recent v1.2.10.760? 

I have tried all the “older” suggestions here plus elsewhere all to no avail.  Spotify still keeps updating.  I really want to keep using v1.0.87.491 as it does everything I and my bandmates need without all the extraneous non-essentials.  I really hope there’s a fix for this.


EDIT -- After doing more testing and research I found one interesting note.  The auto-update is not affected on Windows 7 or 8.1 machines, apparently only Win10/11.  I may roll back one of my Win10 laptops to Win7 just to run my older version - again, how sad.  Does anyone have any other ideas or potential fixes that could be applied to a Win10 machine that may alleviate this annoying update?


Steve K.


I want to revert it too, now that I can't use the old version anyway. But this doesn't work, in the command prompt I keep getting the message "Invalid parameter..." Do I have to enter this in C:? Or in some specific directory?

EDIT: Okay, got it now, but differently.

this article states that Spotify resides in  C:\Users\<your username>\Appdata\Spotify\,  well it does not and thus this commands don't work .. 

it resides on C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Spotify or/and  C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Spotify

yes and No

the portion of Spotify in %localappdata% (-> implicates 'local') is the user specific part! case, you're working on a PC where other users are working on..., then they have their own user-based directory
and in this directory you find even your specific 'version' on the application.

the portion in %appdata% (-> it's the 'roaming') is the 'global' part of the application.
where the app-browser database cache and music cache is stored, which is usually compatible within a major release
but as well user specific.
Updates in this will be done on demand by the app depending on the version.
open a CMD window (windows-logo-key+R, enter cmd return)
and enter both commands
cd %appdata%                       -> it's the roaming directory
cd %localappdata%               -> it's the local directory

and well, if some article states as you described above, yes, can't work, it's for sure some 'typo'

and yes: the Update directory resides in the %localappdata%/spotify



first of all, there is NO WAY any longer to run spotify app below release date April 2021. this means, as far as i found out, my beloved 1.1.56 is out of the game. i had downloaded 1.1.59 that time (timestamp says some later week in may 2021)
and this is still working.
any 'younger/older' version shows 'this version is only for premium accounts' although i actually have premium.
the same i have experienced on Linux. (but not yet on Win7 or 8.1, but probably i'll give that a try)

BUT: the overall fix still works even with any 1.2.xx version:
again: open a cmd prompt
goto cd %localappdata%/spotify
check, if the update directory is present by using 'dir' command
if not, just create it by typing 'mkdir update'
then enter:
icacls ./update /deny %username%:W

you're done
(i've tried it many times.... just ffs)


Wait a minute, I'm not sure what you're saying. Is there still a way to use a version that doesn't have the band names under the song titles and the album cover thumbnails and all the other BS? Because the version I had been using until recently stopped working even with that fix, the app just kept closing whenever you opened it, and other users were reporting the same.

No, sadly enough, this seems on of the points, where we users recognizable see the difference in between still working versions and the older ones not working anymore.
i'm not a programmer, but afaik it was said that time, that they wanted to, or had to change the framework to build up the newer stuff. and as far as i understand, the changed layout went with that.., or was even the a reason...

so, the one PC i'm running with 1.1.59 has already the changed layout with cover thumbnails and artists below the trackname...
but you can still avoid that crabby look with this huge fontsizes they now use for the library and playlist names and such (as like we are all blind.... (no further comment)

Okay, thanks. To be honest, my biggest issue is that the new UI won't remember the position I last scrolled to in a playlist and places me at the top instead. I could live with all the other design atrocities, but this thing seriously messes up the way I use the app. And no, using the back arrow is not a big help, because I would often end up clicking it 20 times instead getting where I want to get with just one click. I will try submitting it as an idea, what choice do I have? I checked out at least 6 or 7 similar services, including Amazon and Apple Music, but even the 'new' Spotify UI is still much better than everything I tested...

exactly that is my thing as well
i have at least one bigger PL to curate (666tracks), and it was sooo easy to position to the point where i want to exchange a track with this, or put some new stuff in there on a given position, instead of now find the position via the track number
and scroll again down there to insert a song at that position. i could vomit....



Well, my idea is live now, but I'm not getting any votes... 🤷‍♂️ Which doesn't surprise me because it took me days to find the section with all new submissions. The section I was able to find immediately is the one where 18 new ideas are displayed in a grid. To see all live ideas you need to open the three bars menu on the right. But well, we know design is not their strength...🤦‍♂️

one can post ideas?
got a link?

Yes, the link is on the start page:

You can support my idea here:

Though it's not getting any traction anyway, although I've seen many people complaining about this...

It feels stupid even submitting this as a new idea, because it was something that worked for years, and I can't see a reason why you would scrap this.

Thank you for this!


For whatever reason when I the third and fourth commands, output reads: "command not found" 😞 


Is this happening for anyone else or does anyone know what I need to do to get around that?

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