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Stopping Auto update








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I'm wondering how to stop Spotify from auto updating. I got a file to install older version of software since I didn't like the June update, and It auto updated when I restarted my PC.

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Hello there!


Can you try the following steps:

Open Admin Command Prompt and type these commands one by one:

rm %localappdata%\Spotify\Update

mkdir %localappdata%\Spotify\Update

icacls %localappdata%\Spotify\Update /deny "%username%":D

icacls %localappdata%\Spotify\Update /deny "%username%":R


Description of given commands:

  1. Removes directory C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Spotify\Update
  2. Creates directory C:\Users\<your username>\Appdata\Spotify\Update
  3. Denies delete permission to your account for C:\Users\<your username>\Appdata\Spotify\Update requiring administrative prompt for delete privileges, preventing spotify from removing it without admin
  4. Denies read permission to your account for C:\Users\<your username>\Appdata\Spotify\Update requiring administrative prompt for read privileges, preventing spotify from placing the update program in it without admin

Hope this helps and let me know how it goes 🙂


There is no folder named 'update' in the Local appdata folder as of 2020.


Hey @BugsBunny

i have noticed in another article to use switch :W behind the /deny:
icacls %localappdata%\Spotify\Update /deny "%username%":W

and that should be enough...
what is the difference?

reason: the actual update (see attached) to forces me again to stop any updates...
regards, /hans



Alright, so I followed the steps above with the commands, but my username contains a space and it causes an error "Invalid Parameter", starting at the second word of my username. Is there a work around for this?


EDIT: If you're curious why, I had quite a few full PC crashes after the newest version released. I did a clean install of, what I'm assuming is, an older version. I had no crashes after that. Then, the app decided to update itself, and I began having crashes again.


You are not supposed to replace "%username%" with your username in those commands, leave it as it is.
I tried this method for Spotify 1.1.26 and it's working so far.


Thank you so much for this! When I did the first step it said "rm" wasn't a valid whatever, but I did the next three steps anyway and it worked! Spotify's recent "update" completely ruined the method I've been using to create playlists for over two years (why the frakking frak can I no longer copy paste tracks to exactly where I want them on the list, and why the frakking frak do I have to scroll from the beginning every time I click and drag one?), so I'm quite relieved to have this fix for the problems they created for no reason.

'rm' is the Unix/Linux command for removing a file/directory. in native windows you usually only work with the 'del' (Delete) command. (depending what WIndows and what features you have installed, unix/linux commands are working as well..)
The line above would help, if there is already some Update directory present, even with a downloaded update, to get rid of it.
and as long as spotify doesn't download an update, the Update folder is not present anyway ( @ inphact )
if it spots an available update, spotify will just create the folder if not there..., so, if it's there it just try's to use it.
In our case, we make sure the folder is already there, but we put some denial onto it, to write files into, so , that the download of the update is going to fail.
none the less, spotify will keep in mind that there is an update and will give you a hint with that blue indicator that there is one to install... bad luck for spotify... 😉


First off thank you so much. Secondly how do you remove the update folder after creating it with no read permissions?

thats quite easy 😉
from command prompt (as above), you enter
icacls %localappdata%\Spotify\Update /reset /T

after that, it is 'back' to normal, and can be deleted..

Casual Listener

Thank you. I didn't put it to a test yet, but I hope this works.

Spotify for Windows was never good, but I just hate so much this web interface. The last version before this awful web UI was 1-1-39-612. 

Why Spotify think it's a good idea to put band's name under song's name or not being able to hide unavailable songs from playlists anymore? And there are bugs, like Cut/Paste or navigation using Alt+Arrows not working .



I am glad to see that the usual band who came along long ago to help me came along again to help.


Bumping this as seems to work. Basically you need to go to %localappdata%, then remove folder "Update" and create it again and deny all permissions to your user. If you already uninstalled Spotify look for version, install it, and then run the steps early described.


BTW, downgrading to 1.1.39 just reaffirms thew new UI is uber **bleep**. Period. Love to have the search bar back.

Well, i'm not sure yet. But i meanwhile have seen issues, where former working accounts went down to the Web-UI like userinterface down till even 1.1.28
the only fully 'old style' working version i was able to determine with 1.1.17
AND i found another account, such a never touch its running, which even works old-style in 1.1.56
so, i'm not yet through that whole thing.. (



Hey, as metioned in the other threat, it's somehow not only the app, but the account as well. i had noticed a 'DPmigration.exe' or similar name in the 'localappdata/spotify' directory. not always and everywhere, but i guess to be able to summarize, it comes up with always upgrading to newer version when the blue indicator says there is a new version and go restart....
Just because it's an existing account which has to be migrated to match the new versions somehow.
it seems not to appear with a fresh install and a still proper account..
so, get yourself the installer for 1.1.17 and you get back to a working environment..
and make sure not to autoupdate....
The only 'downs' i've found so far: they removed the number of listeners per playlist in the about section, so you see the '0 listeners' there. In some 1.1.24 or 25 this got removed then completely. unfortunately i did not save one of these that time. i thought i'm fine with 1.1.28. but even this shows the new look, when you use it with an 'affected' account..

Absolute lifesaver. Thank you! I absolutely HATE new garbage UI and needed to install older version of Spotify, disable updates using your method (plus apply your patch for %appdata%\Spotify\Spotify_new.exe and %appdata%\Spotify\Spotify_new.exe.sig) and use ui.experience_override="classic" trick that don't work anymore on latest builds. BIG UP+++


Imagine actually fixing the ui...