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Podcast plays in reverse order

Podcast plays in reverse order







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

There are already a lot of threads about this. But this bug is still not fixed yet. 

Podcasts always play in reverse order. (new to old)

But i want to hear them from old to new.


I can change the display order. I can also filter out the episodes i already heard. But this doesn't change anything. It still plays in reverse order, and also filtered episodes.


I already reinstalled Spotify twice. It didn't help. 

Please fix this.

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Casual Listener

Yes still working for me. To try and help out I've even tested it by changing to music and back again. When I select a music album the queue automatically clears all of the podcasts and puts the music in normal running order. Then I went back to my podcast and the queue is full of the episodes in order from latest one I'm listening to right down to the last episode. The only other things I've tried in recent times are a clean install and going into the setting icon while on a podcast, then going to Manage "mark as played" and then clearing that entire list. Then manually scrolling through each episode to make it mark as played again. Once you're back to where you're up to maybe clear the queue again, then set filters to unplayed and oldest/newest depending on your preference. Then click on the current episode to play and then hopefully Spotify should order your queue correctly from then onwards. I've attached images as proof this is still working how it should for me.  




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I was getting so frustrated that Spotify kept playing my podcasts in reverse order even when I had the sort/filters set to oldest and unplayed. For example I'd start episode 16 and once that episode had finished it would go onto episode 15 and then 14 etc. Even skipping tracks manually was reversed. Turns out it's the queue (accessible bottom right of now playing screen) that's causing the reverse order. Simple fix is to remove all the tracks from the queue. Will see how long this fix lasts for.

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Hi, I'm having the same issue and have taken the same  steps to resolve it with no success. I've been having trouble with this for a couple of weeks now and it's obnoxious. The only solution I've found is to just use the web browser on my desktop instead of the desktop app or to use my phone app until whatever bug is causing this gets fixed. I hope this work around sort of helps in the interim? Leider, hab ich keine andere Ahnung... 😞

Hi everybody,


Thanks for posting on the Community. 


In this case, could you tell us if this is happening with any podcast show you open, or is it happening with some of them? If possible, send us over the links/URI of these podcasts by following these steps. 


We'll keep an eye on your reply. 

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It's happening to all Podcasts on the desktop app for me. Switch the order around, it doesn't matter. When you skip forward, it goes backwards. When you skip backwards, it goes forwards. Really frustrating and feels like the "help" is just going around in circles. 


Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 21H2
OS build 22000.556

A couple of links:

It's the same for all podcasts.

I'm using Spotify for Windows

Hi again @jgwhite3 and @griever1988,


Thanks for your replies. 


We've passed this info and reported it to the right teams in order to look into it. 


On another note, we recommend that you keep the app up to date (at the moment we don't have a specific timeline when this will be solved) so you won't miss any out any incoming fix.


Remember the Community is here for you in case anything else comes up.



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This issue started a couple of months ago.  Before, Podcast would play in order just fine.  I noticed my queue, which I rarely bother with, list episodes I've already completed....  the most recent at the top down through listening history.  Thus when the current episode ends the next in the queue starts even though it was played just prior to the last.   It's like Spotify is using the Queue as the Recently Played, or similar

Starting a few weeks ago, podcasts have started playing in reverse on both Windows & Android for me. I'm listening to "And That's Why We Drink..." which I've been listening to for two years now, and for some reason, all of a sudden the podcasts are playing in reverse. So if I'm on Episode 172, the next one that will play in Episode 171, instead of Episode 173.

I have the podcasts sorted by Oldest to Newest, and no matter how I seem to sort it, the problem persists. Shuffle is NOT turned on.

Again, this isn't just on one platform, it's happening to me on both Windows and Android.

Any help with this is much appreciated, because this is driving me insane.

I'd like to second this. I can't listen to story based podcasts on spotify anymore without having to babysit the app. The whole situation is untenable, and I'm considering ending my subscription over it. Finding any information has been a nightmare. Spotify, anyone, please provide a fix!

Same! This is absolutely subscription-ending for me. There are alternatives out there, and I'm really considering them right now. This problem has plagued people for years, and now it'**bleep** me and there's seemingly no solution that I've found that works.

It came out of nowhere too. One day it just started doing it for no rhyme or reason and I can't figure out what the heck is causing it.

This happens to me too. No matter which by what I sort the episodes on the podcast page the all play from newest to oldest, on every podcast, on every device

Same here. It just follows the episode list release order. Can't even manage playlist queue order.

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your replies in this thread.


There's actually an ongoing issue about this here. You can leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread for any updates regarding this.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else in the meantime. Have a great continued weekend!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

I'm still having the exact same issue. It's very annoying because it should be a simple sort of the backend. What would be even better would be if a backend developer wrote a simple query for series that (or even playlists but DEFINITELY for series) where it was possible to pick up on the last episode you listened to within a given series if you haven't finished it or the next one if the last episode you listened to is finished. That just makes sense, like what someone would do when listening to a book on tape. You all have our user data, it shouldn't be difficult to query/sort first by the most recent datetime that a given podcast was listened to by the user and then sort again within that particular podcast for the next future dated episode associated with that podcast.

Hey @ghostKat_gillian,


Thanks for the post and your feedback.


You can check this page for more information on how to submit your feedback to Spotify. We are constantly trying to improve the user experience on our platform and we value your detailed feedback.


In the meantime you can also check this thread for the latest updates on the ongoing issue. Be sure to also leave your vote.


Hope this helps,



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"We are constantly trying to improve" sure you are. this has been an issue for a majority of PC users for nearly 6 months now..... y'all made $10.93B last year in revenue. Are you just not paying your devs or what? fix your broken app. 

Same issue here as well. And thank you, @ghostKat_gillian, for the workaround. Guess I'm just gonna use Chrome to listen to my podcasts now (the MAIN listening reason for me). Just like the others, absolutely nothing works to fix this. And since we can't add multiple episodes of podcasts to our queue (another feature that would REALLY be appreciated), it seems the only way to get around the bug is to just use the web version. So now Chrome is going to bog down my computer even more since apparently several months isn't enough time for the devs to fix this. And yes, I'm using the most updated version of the program. I'm on macOS 10.15 and Android 12. Guess I'll just have to follow that thread that was shared and wait for a bug fix. 

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your replies and feedback in this thread.


We can confirm that this is still being looked into by our team.


In the meantime we recommend that you head over to the ongoing issue that's been provided and Subscribe to it so that you don't miss any updates about this.


Have a great continued weekend!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

The copy and paste answers aren't giving us any answers. You've all said the exact same thing. Multi billion dollar company can't fix a simple issue, bit pathetic. 

Same here, listening to the Age of Napoleon while I stretch, VERY annoying having get up with each new episode, which automatically "forwards" to the PREVIOUS episode so I must manually click to the next (newer) episode. I agree Spotify's responses are boiler plate waste, if there is no solution tell us that!

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