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[Desktop] After the update Friend Activity disappered

[Desktop] After the update Friend Activity disappered






Desktop  1.1.56....

Operating System

Windows 10


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Hi Team, since the new upgrade, from 1.1.55 onwards, just after a clean install, the Friend Activity tab is completely gone, and the Settings are completely different now, as well as Friend Activity is not possible anymore to configure.
please help



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Hi there @hwprinz,


Thank you for your post here in the Community.


You should be able to go to settings > Display > See what your friends are playing.


If you can't see that, can you provide us a screen recording when you follow the steps above?


If you haven't, we suggest that you do the troubleshooting steps that's provided in this article.


Keep us posted 🙂

Take care!

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Hi @Jeremy,
unfortunately the result is exactly as shown already in the screen capture above..
But i'm still investigating and try to document as detailed as possible, since there is a lot i've noticed..
It seems to be related to the combination of profile and Desktop app version.
I tried to create new accounts and when first time login into the app there is no 'Display' section at all in the Settings of the Desktop App.
in that way, i used other accounts as well to test, which never had an issue in any way, but login to latest 1.1.56 works as a charm..
as well, with the so called faulty account, i can login at least into different Desktop version with always different results. and it's fully back 'old style' up and running when i use 1.1.17..
So, it's completely weird....
but i'll keep you posted...

Hey there @hwprinz!


Thanks getting back to us and your detailed investigation.


As you say it's possible that the issue lies with the account you're currently using if it seems to show as expected with a new account.


We can try a few more troubleshooting steps for this to see if they'll make a difference. 


First, it's important that you re-download the app from the Microsoft store after you try a clean reinstall. Then give your device a quick restart before you start the newly installed app.


We're still in the process of rolling out our new desktop app, so you might notice that it looks different in older versions. But we always recommend having the latest version to be sure that you're getting our new features and fixes.


If the steps above, don't solve this you can follow the instructions here to copy your playlists to the working account you mention if you'd like to use that one.


Keep us in the loop here. 

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