Stops at adverts

Stops at adverts

Hi - im listening direct from the website and everytime an advert comes on it just stops. Advert doesnt play and cant get anything to start playing without refreshing the page.


The advert displays a picture of Squarespace, the title and artist as squarespace and a play button. When you press play nothing happens ...

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I'm having the exact same problem. After every advertisement, no matter what the advertisement is, the music won't start playing again. I have to refresh Spotify in my browser in order to listen to music again. I've tried lots of things to test it - playing a different song, different artist, etc. Nothing corrects the problem except refreshing the page. 


This issue has been passed over to the Spotify staff to investigate - hopefully can be fixed soon! 

Definitely an annoying issue, but it doesn't seem to be effecting everyone - my housemates are still listening fine. 



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