Strange issues with playback in the last few days


Strange issues with playback in the last few days

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Hi there


Sorry for the vague topic line, but hey. My spotify (i'm on the subscription that lets you play freely on both desktop and mobile apps) has been playing up - I've had four main problems, and they occur on all of my devices (windows pc, android phone, ps4).

1. songs will just cut out halfway through without explanation and go to the next track.

2. songs are playing twice for no reason. I'm just listening to albums as normal, but every second or third track will repeat.

3. some tracks won't play in an album - for instance, I was listening to the Offspring album Americana a few minutes ago, and the song "Pay the man" just won't play. I know it works because I've listened to it a fair few times over the years. This has happened a number of times with different albums. The songs are never greyed out or anything - they just won't play.

3. If casting to another device (usually my ps4) the playlist will play the next song in the list rather than the one it says it is. A small issue, but it's kinda annoying.


Anyone else having this recently? It's only just started in maybe the last 2-3 days.


While I'm at it, can we please change the massive "SHUFFLE PLAY" button on the android app to just "PLAY" ? I don't really like shuffle and I don't want it as the default.


Any info appreciated!!