Stuck in Offline mode


Stuck in Offline mode


Hey Spotify peeps.


I've been enjoying my month trial of premium and love it, expect for one huge, major and unexcusable problem which has me deciding to not continue with premium - and that is the dreaded "Stuck in Offline mode" issue.


Spotify works fine for weeks and one random day it decides, nope, I'm gonna sit in offline mode for the whole darn day. Randomly it might pick up for a short while then drop out. It's rendersthis product virtually useless to me - I do not wish to be limited to the few playlists I managed to save offline before this stupid issues occurs. 


I've read the forums posts about this - I know I'm not the only one getting it and from what I've read, it usually has nothing to do with local config.


Please fix this problem. This program is useless otherwise. And a real frustration to use.


Thank you.

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Re: Stuck in Offline mode

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Are you getting any error messages apart from "In offline mode"?

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