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Switching from mobile to desktop or refreshing on browser reshuffles queue

Switching from mobile to desktop or refreshing on browser reshuffles queue

For my playlist with 350 songs, I always start the first song of the day with shuffle and want to maintain the entire queue for the rest of the day so the same song won't appear twice. On most days I start out listening on mobile (offline) for about 2 hours and the rest of the time I listen is on PC, on Chrome browser.


Until about 1 and a half week ago, everything worked fine. However, sometimes I had a problem where the queue would end prematurely if I refreshed the tab. This is very annoying because I lose the entire queue and have to start a new one.


Recently, Spotify has been very stingy with the shuffle queue. When I'm done listening on mobile and want ot listen on PC, when I connect my phone to the internet and start listening on PC the entire queue gets reshuffled, starting from the song I was last on mobile. The same thing happens whenever I'm on the browser and refresh or close the Spotify tab, or my internet connection turns bad and Spotify gets disconnected. This hasn't been the case until recently and it's extremely annoying and severely impacts the listening experience.


The desktop app slows doen my PC so I refrain from using it, but I've tested whether the problem occurs on the desktop app and it occurs there too, when switching from mobile to PC.


I have found a workaround for this, which only works on PC but on the first song I click shuffle, refresh and click shuffle again so it's off and I'll be able to maintain the queue even if something happens to the Spotify tab or my internet connection, however, then I encounter the aforementioned problem again in which the queue abruptly ends after about 2 hours.


I'm really hoping there's a fix or workaround for this as it's very bad for my listening routine.

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