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The Mystical 1%

The Mystical 1%

Does anybody else here think that the "1%" of users that Spotify spokespeople keep referencing is a flat-out lie?



This "1%" is continually referenced as to why the devs refuse to consider features. Some features get hundreds of votes - even hundreds of votes a year. That's hundreds of people that took their time to access the community, find the relevant posts, and articulate their thoughts about it. I struggle to imagine an other service of this size, that would consider hundreds of outspoken people for individual issues as a negligible minority.


And yet, we're flippantly told that these features aren't worth the work, because nobody would use them. Somehow, Spotify is able to engineer the ability to track ever single little aspect of how people use their app...


... But they can't expend the work to improve it?



I mean, there's an obvious attraction to doing this; it gives the Community helpers a general excuse without any need for detail; an excuse that which customers will never be able to check for authenticity.


Even if they know it's untrue.



Sadly, Spotify seems to have a terrible record of public relations, and a nearly-unmatched failure to respond to community requests. I have a feeling that the mystery of this overexertive 1% will never be solved...

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