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The music stops after a few seconds

The music stops after a few seconds

Spotify doesn't play songs and when it does it makes me listen to only 6 seconds of the songs.
Unable to play the current song
I also encountered another problem ...
on some albums there are songs that cannot be played.



6 seconds and the song stop

Some songs are not playable in the playlist


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Hey there @GAEX79!


Thanks for reaching out, we'll gladly help you out.


We just want to make sure that we cover all our bases first - can you try logging out > resting your device > logging back in?


If that doesn't help, you could try performing a clean reinstall of the app with the steps here.


When it comes to the grayed out songs, are you able to play those when you log in on a different device or on the web player? 


Let us know how it goes. We'll be here if you have any other questions.

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A very similar problem is happening to me too.

The Spotify desktop app for Windows 10 repeatedly plays the first several seconds of the song (like a loop), but won't play the song through. It also won't let me change songs.

I see this on all my devices (Android app and web player) as long as the Windows app is open, but when I quit the Windows spotify app, spotify starts working again on the other devices.

I've rebooted the computer and uninstalled and reinstalled the spotify app and the problem continues.

I solved my problem like this:
The Windows 10 host file may have changed on your computer.

If you use Windows 10, press the Start button, search lens type Run and then send.
In the window that opens, write this:

Press OK

The page opens in the image below



now you have to go to edit the host file, as you can see in the image it is the one circled in red.


Double click on it, then it will ask what to open it with. Use Notepad.


After opening it, if you find any text concerning Spotify it must be deleted.
If you find ANY text with
davant must be eliminated, because it means blocking it from the network.


An example in the image below.3.png


So save it as nothing, NO EXTENSION.4.png

Salt the file on the desktop for convenience.
Once the host file is saved to your desktop, open any folder on your PC and make sure you have the active display file extension.

As seen in the example in the image below.


Go to your desktop and rename your

host.txt file to

the text txt must be deleted.


After saving the file in host
click on it and make a copy


Press the Start button, search lens, type Run and then send.
In the window that opens, write this:

press OK.


In the page that opens, do paste.
A prompt will ask if you want to replace the file, press Replace file in Location.

So make sure it is saved and you're done.

Try restarting Spotify and sign in.


I have solved this
let me know if you too have succeeded.



There was no entry with in my hosts file.

You didn't find anything on Spotify?
#Spotify advertising block

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