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The "Lyrics" feature no longer has a "go back" button

The "Lyrics" feature no longer has a "go back" button



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Windows 10 (64 bits)

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When I click the "lyrics" button to see the lyrics of the song I'm listening to, there is no way of going back to the page I was visiting before that (be it a page listing search results, a page showing an artist info, someone else's playlist, someone else's profile, etc.). 


If my memory is correct, there used to be a "go back" button at the top of the lyrics, but it looks like it disappeared. This is quite annoying. It forces to re-enter the search terms again to retrieve the search results, or to find again the playlist, artist, or user (which is not necessarily easy to do, and anyway a waste of time when things could be much simpler).



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Ah, I found the solution here: . So my question can be closed. Curiously, the post didn't appear in the spotify search engine results, I just found it through a Google search.

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