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Third Party Playlist Generators (e.g. Spotibot)

Third Party Playlist Generators (e.g. Spotibot)


 I am attempting to use Spotibot - a third party spotify playlist generator. After creating the playlist, I click on "Open in Spotify" but nothing happens. All songs that are generated are based on URIs. Do these third party services no longer with with Spotify? 


Is there a way to create a new playlist from a list of URI's?

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Figured this out. Can't delete the post so I guess I'll share the solution.


In Spotibot, select the link "Button not working? Click here". A list of URIs will appear. Copy the list.


In Spotify, create a new playlist. In the upper left hand corner of the app, select "..." and then Edit>Paste. The playlist that Spotibot generated will now appear.


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