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This track is not available for all tracks


This track is not available for all tracks




Two days ago out of the blue Spotify desktop app started showing "This track is not available" for all the tracks.

I have basically tried all the tips to remedy this problem but without any success.

I did:

- removed sound drivers

- disabled  and reenabled local storage

- disabled high quality streaming

- reinstalled the app

- logged to the app on another computer

- Tweaked sound device settings (disable enhancments etc)


My setup

- Dell Latitude 5450

- Windows 7 Pro 64bit

- Sound playing through dac/amp via usb (tried to play songs without it as well)


Other facts:

- I have premium account

- Spotify works on other machines (computer, tablet, phone)

- On the machine where desktop app does not work I also installed alternative Spotify client - Clementine. After adding my Spotify account it played my playlists without a problem.


This paragraph I would like to dedicate to Spotify desktop app devs.

Being a programmer I can clearly see that the problem is not with machine or OS configuration but with desktop app itself.

Many paying customers reported this issue over the months and the fact that this bug is still present is unacceptable.

Shame on you Spotify devs, shame (bell ringing), shame....



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None of this seems to work as a few songs I regularly play at work via my phone also don't work on my computer. 


Example: Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex and Rick Ross was a frequent song I played. I thought maybe it was my phone so I swapped to the desk top version and still the songs that worked were still working and that song was "unavailable."


Also this seems to be a growing issue. Been using spotify for years without a single problem... wondering where all the devs are at to isolate this and hot fix it.

I can't believe this problem still persists! I thought it has something to do with changnig playback devices, e.g. going from BT/cabled phons, speaker etc which has been a weakness for a long time (reported by me months back). In this scenario the fix was to open task manager and kill all  Spotify processes. Now that doesn't work either so I guess a full reboot is the only way. Either desktop (Windows 10) or web app is able to play songs. Mobile app works. Sporify you should look into my my session (ollitarkaka) from 03.11 at around 12.30-12.45 - total mess!

What is Tidal client and how do I install it?

I have Windows10 as well. How do I install an older version of Spotify??

I am having the same issue.

How do you install an older version?

Do you have a link?

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