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This track is not available for all tracks


This track is not available for all tracks




Two days ago out of the blue Spotify desktop app started showing "This track is not available" for all the tracks.

I have basically tried all the tips to remedy this problem but without any success.

I did:

- removed sound drivers

- disabled  and reenabled local storage

- disabled high quality streaming

- reinstalled the app

- logged to the app on another computer

- Tweaked sound device settings (disable enhancments etc)


My setup

- Dell Latitude 5450

- Windows 7 Pro 64bit

- Sound playing through dac/amp via usb (tried to play songs without it as well)


Other facts:

- I have premium account

- Spotify works on other machines (computer, tablet, phone)

- On the machine where desktop app does not work I also installed alternative Spotify client - Clementine. After adding my Spotify account it played my playlists without a problem.


This paragraph I would like to dedicate to Spotify desktop app devs.

Being a programmer I can clearly see that the problem is not with machine or OS configuration but with desktop app itself.

Many paying customers reported this issue over the months and the fact that this bug is still present is unacceptable.

Shame on you Spotify devs, shame (bell ringing), shame....



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A response that actually worked straight away. Thanks so much dude.

Indeed, since last release it's ok for me too.


PhiLho, your solution to disable all enhancements worked for me. I'm not sure why I didn't get this option before in my sound settings, but I found it today, applied the disable option and now spotify works on my speakers and not just my usb headphones! 

Having same issues but on a samsung s7, any solutions for this device? Also a premium account, have strong internet connection too.

What steps should a regular person take to fix the problem? I cannot figure out what is necessary from this story.

Marked as solution

Hello, if you are still having this problem then you can follow these simple steps which instantaneously helped me:

1. Click on file explorer.

2. Click on the top text box which tells you the file path and enter %appdata% .

3. Click spotify then Users.

4. Open spotify on the playlist.

5. Delete the user in the folder(temporarily).

6. Click the song(it should work now).

7. Undo the deleted User in the folder.

8. You're done enjoy listening to music again.

The suggested solution involves hosing around in safe mode.

No Spotify, fix your software.  


This is not an acceptable solution.  What percentage of your users even know what safe mode is?!?!  This is nonsense.  And this is not the first issue I've had with Spotify where the 'solution' is to make the user jump through hoops.  


What other consumer software demands users to use safe mode?


Phone support, whats that?  Never heard of it.


Poorly written software from a team that doesn't provide adequate support.  I really don't want to switch to another service but you're forcing my hand guys.  Fix your darn app!!!

Have you tried using my solution for it? Mine does not use safe mode...

How to change the mode to Win Safe Mode or Win Normal Mode?

if you want to know about safe mode check out this youtube video ...

your post gives me hope! where can I download this particular version of spotify from. can you advise or even add direct link? cheers, Tom. ps, does this version work on 64 bit computer as that is what I have?

What is "file explorer"?

Tried the outlined solution to no avail. I've gone through and wiped my comptuer of all Spotify references a few times now and am getting nowhere. It works on my home computer and mobile device but not my work computer which is where I do the majority of my listening. Thoughts on what's going on? Just happened yesterday when I tried to play Joey Purp's "Girls" which it appears isn't actually on Spotify? Who knows...

Have you tried removing the stored data from spotify such as in %appdata%?

Look at the bottom taskbar of windows 10, you should see a file icon... Just click it!

Neonfx, your solution flat out does not work.

This worked for me, thanks so much!

This worked for me, but to make the solution a little clearer:


1. Click on file explorer (the icon that looks like a manila file folder with a blue rectangle on the bottom, with the middle cut out)

2. Click on the top text box which tells you the file path and enter %appdata% . (the first text box that you can type in...probably says 'Quick Access')

3. Click spotify then Users. (Double click Spotify folder to open...then double click Users folder to open)

4. Open spotify on the playlist. (I think he means open the Spotify application on your computer...that is what I did)

5. Delete the user in the folder(temporarily). (You should see your username next to a file folder...right click on it, then delete)

6. Click the song(it should work now).

7. Undo the deleted User in the folder. (I did not do this step...the username folder came back by itself after I was able to start playing songs again!!)

8. You're done enjoy listening to music again.

Nay, sir.  Nay.  If a spotify tech would like to contact me for debug I can look more into it.  I wouldn't want to record following these steps and upload it to YouTube, I assume spotify may recognize it is a community work-around and not an offical fix.

Yeah, of course it is not an offical fix but it works, so...

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