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Too many ads

Too many ads

I returned to my office after being off for the summer and loaded up Spotify on my Windows 10 work computer. I started playing an album. After the second track, Spotify played several ads--I think more then five. That is an unreasonable amount of ads--way too many. I'm not going to subscribe to Spotify because there are so many streaming services, and I'm a professional concert musician, so much of what I want to hear is not available on Spotify anyway. Furthermore, I am not the target consumer for the ads Spotify plays. So that's it, I no longer listen to music through Spotify.

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Hey there @Dissonance7

thanks for posting !


Ads are presented on the "Free" version of the app, same as all other streaming services around the world - video or audio.

When subscribing to Premium, ads aren't presented at all, again same as all other services.


You do have the full option of enjoying any service you want but it's important to mention this isn't different from any other "Free" accounts there are out there.


Thanks 🙂

Thanks, OneByBoo!

It makes total sense why the free version has ads. What I think is a problem is that Spotify plays a large number of ads. The album I tried to listen to played at least five ads after the second track. Two ads during ad breaks seems reasonable.

since 2017 the ads have been just more and more

100% I never understood it, if anything its just going to turn people off spotify? feels like a force to get you to pay for it but for me it just made me not use it 3 or 4 ads after a song is abit overload imo

Hey folks,

Thanks for reaching out and voicing your concerns.

We understand where you're coming from and will make sure all your feedback reaches the right teams. We always aim to improve and you can be sure that your voice will be heard.

In the meantime you can have a look here for any special offers currently available in your market. We regularly have deals where you can get Premium at a discounted price or even for free, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes without ads.  

Hope this helps. Keep us posted if you have any questions.


Have a nice day.

Mihail Moderator
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I've started getting 3 ads for every 2-3 songs. This seems like a little much... I get that "Free Accounts" need ads otherwise Spotify cant pull revenue from them. But a 1:1 ratio of songs to ads is too much.

Ads are their only way for income ,i.e, either by artists who pay Spotify to publicise ads OR Spotify promotes the PREMIUM feature which in turns leads most of the people buying it if they are a regular user.So the conclusion of the message is SPOTIFY WANTS TO MAKE MORE MONEY.

I adjusted the cookie permissions to where all the cookies that help with functionality and performance are enabled (they were mostly off before), and that seemed to make the frequency of ads much more reasonable. I'm not sure if cookie permissions were the exact cause of the issue, but it seemed so on my end. 

Yes, it is truly a 1:1 ratio. That is why I now listen to Pandora. They play less than half the number of ads as Spotify. I can’t build a custom playlist on Pandora free, but with thumbs ups and downs, I can get get pretty darn close to a playlist.

I've also noticed that there is a big difference between the mobile and PC apps. Often on mobile, you can watch a video to get 30 mins uninterrupted play time. This has never happened on PC. If Spotify could prove that they give a decent percentage of the revenue to the artists concerned I would be far happier to contribute, but as they are essentially creating a model which throttles all but the most popular talent (almost never the most gifted or artistically worthy) then I am not really driven to jump onboard. 

Very true, I received 3-5 ads after 1 song today... absolutely ridiculous

I agree 100 % that ads have increased too much even over the last month. 3-4 ads after ever 2nd song is rubbish. I used to be a premium member, but decided to cut back on my financial output. Spotify was first to go. 

I can tell you for certain that they don't.   Unless it's an artist that they REALLY want on their platform, who has refused for years (Tool, Metallica, etc.)  artists get jack s**t from Spotify.  Maybe $0.003 to $0.005 per stream. And most if not all of that ends up in the hands of producers, management, etc.  And the ads have gotten much worse.  3-4 30 second ads per 1 song. And then it plays the wrong song sometimes, and other times doesn't even play the whole song.  It has gotten beyond ridiculous at this point.

Hi all,


I've seen some discussion here about this, and I'm not too sure if this is the right place, please feel free to move it to the correct area if it is not.

I'm currently using Spotify Free for financial reasons (yay, current economy) and I've noticed that I keep getting excessive advertisements. I've heard several times the ad saying "Now enjoy 30 minutes of listening without advertising", but it's a blantant lie in my experience. 


On average, I've noticed it's 3-5 ads in a row, all of which are 30 seconds long, every 2-3 songs. Sometimes I get the stream of ads every 10 minutes, but that's if I'm lucky. Keep in mind 5 ads which are 30 seconds each counts to 2mins and 30 seconds, which means the ad break is sometimes are longer than the songs itself, and especially on the desktop app the ads have this insanely annoying pop-up video which will trigger the ad to open in the browser even when the video is not playing on the app


This wouldn't be an issue if I wouldn't keep hearing the "Enjoy 30 minutes of ad-free listening!" just to have a new ad queue come up after 2 songs.. which definitely is not 30 minutes. 


Does anyone else have this issue? I'm losing my mind over here. 


Thanks in advance! 

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