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Track progress bar stops working

Track progress bar stops working






several Windows 10 devices, such as Surface Pro 3 and Samsung tablet

Operating System

Windows 10, 1909, 18363.720

Spotify version (Microsoft Store version)

My Question or Issue

The progress bar stops working for music tracks, usually after an ad appears. It remains at zero for the duration of the track. It works again after another ad plays.

This issue has existed for several years. I've seen it reported and the issue closed as not reproducible or assumed fixed. It is not fixed. It has occurred intermittently for me on several devices running Windows 10, including a Surface Pro 3 and Samsung tablet. It just occurred yesterday, 3/23/20, using the latest Windows 10 and Spotify versions (see version numbers above).

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Hi there @RobSa,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


I would start with a clean reinstall of the app following the steps provided on this Spotify answer.


This action tends to solve interface issues like the one you're describing.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Hi, thank you for the reply. I've done many clean installs over the years (including full reformat and OS re-installs), yet the problem still occurs intermittently. It has happened more frequently over the past few weeks.

This problem has gone from happening about 15% of the time to about 90% of the time in the past few weeks.


I have the latest Windows 10 and Spotify app updates as of right now.

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