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Tracks wont load

Tracks wont load






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Windows 7



I'm trying to create some playlists but I keep encoutering the same problem/issue again and again.


First I write name of the artist in the search bar and when the results come in I select all the tracks and put them all into a playlist.


In the past everything has worked fine but since the last update Spotify just doesn't load the songs. It just loads and loads. I have waited like an hour and when I came to check Spotify was still loading.


What could be the cause and the solution to this problem? If I forgot to mention something please ask or tell me about it.



Before anyone asks I have internet and I'm not offline, I have tried re-installing (Though I'm not sure if I have done it correctly) and I have also restarted my laptop.

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Hey @user-removed, help's arrived. 


Could you let us know a bit more specific where it loads? Is it when you're trying to add the songs to the playlist, when you open the playlist? And can you add songs individually to the playlist?


Also, can you try restarting your router, and if possible switch networks to see if the same thing happens. 


To reinstall, check out these steps here and try again.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

Hey @Jemi


Simply put it loads for ages when I try search for tracks. I write the name of the artist in the search bar and the I click "Songs". It loads tens of songs but then it just continues loading (for example if the artist has made 200+ songs).


I can put some screenshots. Maybe that will help.


I search and then I click "Songs"I search and then I click "Songs"It has loaded tens of songs without any problemIt has loaded tens of songs without any problemWhen I scroll to the bottom it just continues loading and it doesn't stopWhen I scroll to the bottom it just continues loading and it doesn't stop



Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for sending over those screenshots.

It seems that this is the same issue as this ongoing issue.


We suggest you head on over to the relevant thread, where you can add your vote to show that you are experiencing the issue.


Make sure to also leave the requested info in the comments section in the thread.


We'll keep you posted there and let you know as soon as we have any updates.



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